Karma Burana



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Are alley cats victors if they give up the ghost they empowered to  promise them freedom?

Guardians at the threshold Love no one, yet do all heroes pass this way?

Love, why do we mistake a protector for the tragedy that denies our heart’s calling.

Why do you sacrifice me to control what can’t be controlled, Love tell me.

Do you resurrect the rightness of wrong or the virtue of vice, Love?

Love, is death the mercy longed for though hidden deep inside the heart of life?

Martyred, not finished, will Love lift a heart to rise like the wind again with its power?

Tell me, Love, is there a cure for pain beyond the hollowness of a fleeting pleasure?

What power, Love, makes fear attractive as it denies the safety of the unknown?

Can we disagree to a life without true Love in exchange for 56 flavors of not the real thing?

There’s no exit sign you didn’t create Love, are you looking for the way out?

Seriously, is life a game that amounts to nothing, yet we call it Love in the end?

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