I create art from photos taken on my travel journeys over the years. I digitally enhance them in Photoshop Elements. In the art you’ll see photos from Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, southern France, China and across the United States. Most of the photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 camera. A few of the more recent photos used for art were taken with my iPhone. Some of the artwork is a collage of several photographs. Those were part of a series called Soul Collage.

Besides creating digital art, I do what is called automatic drawing  which gives me insight into the contents of mind that doesn’t really want to be seen. And I’ve found a calling to create 3d art from decorating objects that I repurpose. I bring several objects together to create an immersive art form. This art is meant to be an energy medicine, a kind of feng shui cure, but not one you would find on the internet. When I’m inspired, I also write poetry that lets me become a message bearer for a spiritual muse that tells it like it is.  

I’ve been many things in my life and even owned an internet based aromatherapy business from 1995-2000 while working full time at Boeing. I no longer need to work but I’m usually working on something. I have a background managing people, software and hardware projects for both American Airlines and Boeing. For Boeing, I led teams who were involved in managing the infrastructure of the Boeing intranet web servers. 

I’m passionate about discovering new things and one of these passions is my love of the art and medicine of ancient civilizations. I loved it that in Han Dynasty Daoism there were the Fangshi. The shamans, entheogenic mushroom eaters, alchemists, healers, prophets and more. Favorites of a Chinese emperor seeking to evade death of his body, these magical beings were the ones who didn’t survive when put to death by that emperor for failing to be magical enough. 

Speaking of survival, one day on a hike I stumbled into a field of blueschist paleolithic stone tools. The find set me off on a learning curve, pouring over lithic textbooks to sort out some of the stone tools I collected that day. I didn’t believe the current archeological theories about the people who left these tools behind. I’m intuitive and might be able to read the energy of objects. I sense these people who built in ergonomics and combined art and function in a stone tool were survivors of a land that sank in the Pacific and who, though very evolved, were put back to a stone age level survival. Possibly their extinction level event was not unlike the one humanity could be faced with as the ice sheets rapidly turn to water and upset the balance of planetary weight distribution. Who can say where we’ll end up if the planet goes head over heels? Will stones become a tool we’ll need to survive if we survive?

I’m located in the Ashland, Oregon area and for now I don’t have an art show planned. I hope to be social again with my creations soon! Stay tuned for details …

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