I create art from photos taken on my travel journeys over the years.  In the art you’ll see photos from Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, southern France, China and across the United States. Most of the photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 camera. An older point and shoot camera which I lost in a fire in 2014. The more recent photos used for art were taken with my iPhone.  In case you are wondering - my inner being and I are the solo partners in the creation of all of my artwork. From serendipitous camera shots to sometimes lucky mouse clicks on Photoshop Elements on a macBook Pro.  No AI was used to create any part of my art or website.

Besides creating digital art, I have a hobby that developed when I started over from nothing in 2015. I repurpose decorative objects as art sets to create an immersive art experience. In my life, this art form has been an energy medicine, a kind of feng shui cure, but not one I would find on the internet. Sometimes I’m inspired to speak the mind of my spiritual muse and as you look at my art you might see the artwork having words of its own too.

I’ve been many things in my life and even owned an internet aromatherapy business from 1995-2000 while working full time at Boeing on teams managing their intranet infrastructure.  I played conga in Tor Dietrichson’s class band called Orchestra del Sol in Seattle in the mid-90s and I stood inside the hanging cave temples in the Daoist Dragon Gate Monastery near Shaanxi Province, China in 2008.

I’m passionate about discovering new things such as the art of ancient civilizations including petroglyphs, cave art drawings and even stone tools. One day on a hike I stumbled into a field of blueschist stone tools that had both art and function built into them. The find set me off on a learning curve, studying lithic textbooks to understand the civilization that created the stone tools I collected that day. Maybe the creators of these tools were highly-evolved survivors of a land that sank in the Pacific.  An extinction level event not unlike the one humanity could be faced with as the ice sheets rapidly turn to water and upset the balance of planetary weight distribution. Who can say where we’ll end up if the planet goes head over heels? Will we need stone tools to survive if we survive?

Art creation has also been a tool for me to look inside the black box of subconscious mind. A mind that can sting like a spider bite . Today I see this illusional pandora’s box as the human neural net that we all use to create our individual and collective 3d realities. Realities that can at times feel out of control like an ayahuasca ceremony or worse an inescapable trap. Yet Houdini’s box was an illusion and time after time his beautiful assistant returned to face the audience all in one piece.

What would 3d reality be like if we could all transcend what I call the spell of mistaken identities? Identities rooted in neural nets / DNA code from a time that might be called when  Adam met Eve. Where self-destruction lies at the heart of avoidance of responsibility.

Shiva might arrive to answer the call of human’s innate desire for self-destruction.  From our higher view, when we are free of mistaken identities, will we laugh like we are watching a Monty Python episode of the end of the world. An ending where the power of Erthe and Skye were not put under control and the enemy mine program called W.A.R. was enflamed by artificial intelligence that only proved our ignorance?

Am I right or am I wrong?  Love says “no worries, don’t forget there’s only one way out, and it’s already done”.

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