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Art Satori


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The art satori experience might be like looking in the rear-view mirror to see a  horizon that is fast approaching from behind.  Didn’t we wish for sight past forward thinking once upon a time?

An assignment for mission impossible if you choose to accept: Wake up and  see who might soon be adding up its violations  in the dark.

Code red? or only a repeat lesson that last man standing does not save the world . Neither does the desire for power make it a good idea to  silence what might be a better idea.

Save  yourself the trouble. Robot graven images prove we’ve been here before but who are we now? Can AI turn up the name of the person in the now who was the god called Shiva with a nuclear power then that erased a civilization?

How many ways can Erthe, its creatures and her love show us how toxic and close to nuclear winter the heart of human has become left to its own devices of predatory animal instinct to destroy or be destroyed.

Who thought we might be clever enough to control the thermostat of the sun’s nuclear fusion or nature’s knowing of how to remedy an illness that’s giving her a mercurial bellyache.

Tipping points leave us nowhere to go but down the drain when nature turns icy glaciers into bare rock long before science told us to be fearful of its due date.

The planetary hurricane party will be a surprise but the  immortals know the way to get out of dodge by riding the wave of Erthe and Skye’s revenge.  No problem, we knew from before birth we didn’t get out of this alive.

Soon, Erthe is going to escape gravity and go head over heels to make things right

with Skye who will be walking on water unleashed as the sea speaks up a storm.

In the end no harm is done even though fatefully Erthe is rising to the occasion of being cosmically responsible.  Because we needed it we cried out for mercy and it brought us a stairway to heaven.

Let’s pretend we are make believe characters who put on a face.  A fool’s journey bound to Forgive-Us-All because who the hell really knew?  Do we then join the rank of immortal  becoming one of the originators of an upgraded version of the human neural net?

Otkrovenie. It is written.

Out of Time are we.

Who’s In?

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